During my time living in Ubud I made my way out to a Pondok Wahyu day time ‘Tribe’ party held by a collective of Ex Pats that have made Ubud their home. It is a wild celebration of both community and individuality with only one rule - it is an alcohol and drug free party. Out with the intoxicants and narcotics and in with the fresh juices, coconut water, delicious organic food and the blissful ‘sacred scoops’ ice cream…

As we walked in through the front doors we were greeted by a sweaty audience of bare foot groovers shaking it down in all of their feathers, body art and glitter looking gorgeous wild and free. I knew instantly that my girlfriends and I were in for another special Ubud experience.

Music for the afternoon is meshed together by a live band a DJ and of course drumming. There is a pool, jacuzzi and the most amazing setting and view you could imagine. The people that live in this dreamy abode are blessed and have truly created perfection. As the sun sets everyone gathers on the edge of the hill gazing out over the valley as the owner of the property offers a ceremony. We all sit in silence and breathe in the beauty of the setting sun over the tropical Indonesian rainforest.

The music takes rhythm again and you lose all inhibitions and dance like it’s what you were born to do, pulling moves you didn’t know you were physically capable of – totally sober! A stark contrast to going out in Australia fueled up on alcohol, waking up with a nasty hangover wondering what happened as you run to the bathroom for your first vomit of the day. Ubud style is going out for a veggie juice, dancing like a sober maniac (or goddess they would say here) then waking up for your yoga class at 6.30am as the locals in your street make their offerings to the God’s, smiling as you pass them and giving you a warm ‘Salamat Paggi!’


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