The Mt. Baker wilderness is one of the many best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest.

Being just an hour and a half out of my hometown in Bellingham, Washington, this was an easy decision on how I was going to spend my rare week off from my job at UPS. The week began with clear skies and a new moon cycle; it was no question that Milky Way hunting was on the agenda. After a grueling hike, my friend Jayme and I reached an impressive tundra over looking Mt. Baker, we set up camp and immediately set our alarms and went to sleep.

We woke up around 2am so we could catch the stars at their brightest point, it definitely wasn’t easy getting out of our warm sleeping bags. Dim orange lights in the distance thought to be light pollution from Seattle added an interesting effect to our photos, it looked as if the Milky Way was burning in the sky. We set our alarms again and went back to sleep for a few more hours in preparation for sunrise photos.

We woke up just as the first light hit the peak of Mount Baker, in just these few hours apart I had witnessed two of the most amazing sights I had ever seen. Still half asleep, I couldn’t believe if it was a dream or reality. As the week went on we hiked many miles, the weather started to take a turn and we began to run out of food. Our last morning on Mount Baker we awoke to thick fog, an exciting new element for our photos.

On the last few miles of the hike we were lucky enough to catch a last glimpse of the mountain peeking through the fog, a perfect scene to end our trip.

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Based In Bellingham, Washington USA, my backyard here in the Pacific Northwest has heavily influenced my style as a photographer. Specializing in outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography, I have been enjoying every minute of my journey.