Everyone has a theory on how to cure a hangover, none of which work.

Besides quitting drinking entirely, or never stopping, I’ve learnt you cannot cure a hangover. All you can do is try to find some relief from the pain and anxiety you’ve forced upon yourself until it goes away. This usually involves floating in a large mass of water, or if you live in a cold climate, a doona and Netflix.

My girlfriend and I recently made the move from Mexico to Granada in Nicaragua, and the first thing we discovered as we stepped from the plane was we shouldn’t have brought our doona. It’s really, really, really hot here. I was also carrying two skateboards and upon arriving was already thinking the only board riding possible here would be in the surf off the Pacific Coast.

It feels about 45 degrees and 1000 per cent humidity all the time, and there’s little to no breeze, except when the afternoon rains come, the streets flood and it actually is 1000 per cent humidity and not much cooler. Luckily though, the second thing we discovered is there’s plenty of swimming options close to the city. Almost every house and hotel that’s available has a pool.

If you’re visiting Granada and at some point you want to leave your accommodation and not fry, the best and closest option we’ve found so far is Laguna de Apoyo, a huge natural volcanic crater filled with pristine clear water, surrounded on all sides by a dense tropical forest. Only 20 minutes from the city centre, it’s easily accessible by taxi, public transport or your own vehicle. You could probably ride a bike there if it wasn’t so freakin’ hot.

We recently decided to spend a weekend out on the lagoon at Apoyo Lodge, a small natural health and yoga retreat run by a young and very chilled out Canadian couple, Shamus and Sasha. The Lodge is set in a remote corner of the lagoon, hidden perfectly from several more ‘touristy’ hotels and day trip spots, and is advertised on their website as “ideal for couples, large groups and retreats of any kind interested in pursuing a purposeful blend of yoga, conscious eating, natural health, spirituality and healing while in Nicaragua.”

Obviously we hadn’t actually planned on being hung over. Apoyo Lodge is a perfect way to spend a relaxing couple of days outside of the small colonial city regardless of your social habits. As soon as we arrived though, and were greeted by three smiling dogs, heard the calls of wild howler monkeys and tropical birds in the trees above, and got a peak at the bright aqua colours reflecting from the clear lagoon, our headaches and any anxiety we’d brought with us rapidly began to wash away.

By evening, after a couple of swims in the lagoon, several naps in the various hammocks located throughout the garden, and a delicious and insanely healthy meal of organic fruits and vegetables we were so far past hangover point we were on our way to a state of total inner peace.

Along with theories on hangover cures, everyone finds spiritual healing in different ways, and Apoyo Lodge definitely has a lot of those ways covered. At least in our case, it couldn’t be more perfect. The following morning before the heat set in and while my girlfriend enjoyed a reiki session with Sasha, a trained instructor in yoga and meditation, Shamus took me on my own spiritual ride in the form of a sweaty session in his private concrete skateboard park, followed directly by a refreshing dive in the lagoon. Truth be told, this was in fact my main motivation in visiting the Lodge. Lucky for me, with everything else on offer, I had no trouble convincing my partner it was worth a visit.

By the end of the weekend we were significantly ‘healed’ and certainly not ready to leave. We also hadn’t discovered the cure for a hangover, although I now have a good idea of where I’d like to be next time I don’t plan on having one.


the_rancho_900px storm_Apoyo_lagoon_900px Above: Storm brewing above Apoyo Lagoon


meditation_spot_900px Above: Perfect spot for meditation


Olive_900px Above: Olive the cat


ollie_up_to_Front_Tail_900px Above: Another form of finding zen, ollie to front tail


raw_basil_pasta_900px Above: Raw Basil Pasta


raw_vegan_lasagna_900px Above: Raw Vegan Lasagna


raw_vegan_pasta_900px Above: Raw Vegan Pasta


tropical_fruit_smoothie_900px vegan_pina_colada_900px Above: Vegan Pina Colada


Yoga_platform_900px Above: Yoga Platform


Floating_onthe_Lagoon_900px Above: Zen lagoon floating


Frontside_grind_900px Above: Frontside grinding to inner happiness


fruit_platter_900px Above: Fruit platter


hammocks_900px Above: Hammocks win the inner peace competition, again


Kongo_the_dog_900px Above: Kongo the dog


massage_900px Above: Massage after skateboarding, floating, yoga-ing, eating, meditating, hammock-ing...


Apoyo_Lagoon_morning_900px Above: Mornings at the Apoyo lagoon


dawn_apoyo_lodge_900px Above: Dawn at the Apoyo lagoon


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