When people who have never been to Israel realize I am originally from Tel Aviv, they naturally tend to think I am from a provincial Middle Eastern city with slow-motioned camels, armed soldiers everywhere and some ancient bible-time monuments around.

I don’t even know where to begin and prove them wrong.

Tel Aviv is a stylish, completely contemporary Mediterranean metropolis filled with chic and bustling cafes, with an exciting cultural scene, fashionable trendy boutiques, beautiful lively people and a roaring nightlife.

The city is well recognized as a hip and active one, notably for the clubs, restaurants, art galleries and cultural events. But the real seductive appealing power of Tel Aviv is not necessarily in its cafe's and restaurants, but in its people, who love the good life. You notice it in the ever crowded cafe's, buzzing with laughter and conversations almost 24/7, with the crowd that spills out of the theater, the music halls, the night clubs and the fashionable scene. It is not a coincidence that the city slogan is 'Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps'.

In recent years Tel Aviv has been developed tremendously; New high rise buildings, old ones are being reserved or restored, some turned into chic boutique hotels. The contrast of new vs old, chic vs conservative and local vs international atmosphere, will make your visit a successful and an enjoyable experience.


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About The Author

Sivan Askayo

Sivan Askayo is an editorial and commercial photographer specializing in Travel, Food, Portraits and Lifestyle.

She splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York, where she is constantly involved with the ICP, International Center of Photography, both as a teacher assistant and a guest speaker.