Knowing Bali had become quite a busy little place, we wanted to make sure we would also have a more laid back, authentic part of our trip. I find surfers are pretty good advisors on all things Bali especially when you want something not as crowded. The first two I asked, said go to Nusa Lembongan.

It's very easy to get to, Scoot Cruise are one of many fast boat operators who pick you up at your hotel (we were all the way at Ayana Resort in Jimbaran), and take you to Sanur, where you get the fast boat to Nusa Lembongan. They also do all this on the way back for you, all at a very reasonable price.

A fun, short 20-30 mins later and you’re on Nusa Lembongan shores. You’ve gone back in time. Batu Karang was our home for 4 nights and a wave of calm and contentment is thrust upon you as you enter your villa. Each villa has the same view over the surf breaks and finally across to Mt Agung, which you can’t miss first thing in the morning from your outdoor shower.


nusa_lemb_0314_4 Above: The afternoon view from our Batu Karang Villa


View of Mt Agung from Batu Karang Villa Above: The morning view from our Batu Karang Villa, now including Mt Agung in the distance.


The Villa's have been well designed to make you feel like you are actually in Bali - which a lot of Hotels in South Bali miss - with your thatched roof, four posted bed with mosquito net, outdoor bathroom, a balcony with world class views equipped with a day bed to heighten your state of relaxation.

Of course, you will eventually want to leave the amazing villa though and look around. Seaweed is the islands biggest industry and the people of Lembongan are working hard on the growth of seaweed all day long. Each person seems to own a link in the chain and they get a lot done, albeit at their own pace. Local women with superhuman strength carry the seaweed in large baskets resting on their heads, while their children play in the sand and smile and wave at you as you take in the sunset. All the vendors of scooters and boats for snorkeling and diving are surprisingly really nice guys. You have to remember that you’re not in South Bali anymore, these people aren’t here to annoy you. The Lembongan people were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Be sure to hire a moto or a golf buggy (no cars here) and enjoy a bumpy but gratifying exploration around the island. There are many hidden beaches, beach bars and rock jumps. Also a single lane pedestrian suspension bridge to another island, Nusa Ceningan, where local kids fish and throw out high 5's to all who pass by. The restaurants are far beyond your expectations all over Lembongan, in fact there is even a Michelin star chef on the island. Although, I thought the Nasi Goering at Muntigs Bar was better.

Whatever you do don’t go to the underground house. Actually…go, but I’m not saying it’s good. Just worth seeing, and then realising maybe that whole hole in the ground house idea wasn’t such a good one. Who the hell wouldn’t want a bamboo shack with a seaweed doormat anyway?


nusa_lemb_0314_7 Above: Boats lined up at Mushroom Beach.


nusa_lemb_0314_8 nusa_lemb_0314_12 nusa_lemb_0314_11 nusa_lemb_0314_10 Above: Sunset beers at The Deck, Batu Karang's seaside bar.


nusa_lemb_0314_9 nusa_lemb_0314_6 Above: Rooster snacking on the food for the gods as we eat our amazing breakfast at Muntigs Bar, Batu Karang.


nusa_lemb_0314_5 Above: The street back from the beach has some great local carving shops // Playgrounds surfbreak view from our villa


nusa_lemb_0314_2 nusa_lemb_0314_3 Above: Enjoying an ice cold Bintang contemplating the rock jump at the Blue Lagoon


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