Our "Carry On" section is devoted to the brands we simply can not travel without. Sometimes it's the actual bag you need, sometimes it's the clothing within it. This week it's both, as Copenhagen's coolest kids, Norse Projects, prove once again their brand is perfect for all seasons. Which suits us travelers.


norse_0514_6 Above: Norse Jackets are some of the most comfortable yet lightest jackets on the market


norse_0514_4 Above: My Norse T-Shirts are yet to shrink, like most brand tee's after a handful of washes


norse_0514_5 Above: Norse Jumpers will get you more hugs than any other. So Cozy!


norse_0514_3 Above: Norse Hats are so cool, you'll wear a woollen one in the middle of summer and not care


norse_0514_2 Above: Norse Beanies are perfect no matter which way you wear your beanie; bit of hair poking out the top? All the way down over your eyebrows? Doesn't matter


norse_0514_8 Above: In a dream world I'd like a new pair of socks for each new day. Norse Socks at least give me that feeling, even if I have worn them 100 times already


norse_0514_7 Above: So your dream is to look as cool as Steve McQueen? Norse Gloves will take you one step closer to that becoming a reality




norse_0514_10 Above: If you're traveling, you need a bag. If you travel a lot, you may as well have lots to choose from Norse Bags come in all shapes and sizes so you'll never be bored with your carry on




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